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higher education courses

the smol prof has offered numerous courses over the years at higher education institutions in the northeast of the united states, and has guest-lectured at national and international universities. her main teaching positions are currently at berklee college of music (boston and new york campuses) and brooklyn college at the city university of new york.

berklee course list

here is a list of courses that the smol prof has taught at berklee.


  • ENEL-221 Electronic Improvisation

  • ENEL-303 Future Pop Ensemble

  • ENEL-403 Techno/Rave Ensemble

  • ENEL-410 Electronic Digital Instrument Showcase Ensemble

  • ENEL-411 The Music of Disclosure

  • EP-341 Programming in Max

  • EP-350 Live Performance Techniques for Electronic Musicians

  • EP-390 Electronic Production and Design Special Projects Seminar

  • EP-401 Advanced Seminar

  • ILEL-110 Performance Controller Studies

  • ILEL-111 Electronic Digital Instrument Reading Lab

  • ILEL-112 Live Looping Lab

  • ILEL-113 Expressive Control Lab

  • ILEL-114 Drum Machine Performance Lab

  • ILEL-212 Vocal Processing Lab

  • ILEL-215 Finger Drumming Techniques

  • ISEL-201 Women in Electronic Music

  • MTEC-111 Introduction to Music Technology

  • MTEC-213 Producing Music with Ableton Live

  • MTEC-214 Producing Music with Logic Pro

  • MTEC-222 Introduction to Synth Programming & Sound Design

  • MTEC-310 Performing Electronic Music with Effects

  • MTEC-312 Sound Design for Electronic Performance

  • MTEC-325 Electronic Production Techniques for Vocalists

  • MTEC-350 Electronic Performance for Musicians

  • MTEC-390 Live Playback Engineering & Performance Design

  • OMPRD-273 Producing Music with Logic

  • OMPRD-278 Ableton Live Fundamentals

  • OMPRD-383 Ableton Live Techniques: Non-Linear Creative Strategies & Composition

  • OPIAN-150 Keyboard for the Electronic Musician

  • PIEL-111 Electronic Digital Instrument Private Instruction Level 1

  • PIEL-112 Electronic Digital Instrument Private Instruction Level 2

  • PIEL-211 Electronic Digital Instrument Private Instruction Level 3

  • PIEL-212 Electronic Digital Instrument Private Instruction Level 4


  • CMAT-500 Producing in Ableton Live

  • CMAT-510 Innovation Design Thinking

  • CMAT-626 Electronic Performance Techniques

  • CMAT-660 Electronic Live Performance and Playback Engineering

  • CMSP-690 Graduate Advising: Songwriting & Production

  • CMAT-695 Culminating Experience Workshop

  • CMAT-696 Culminating Experience Seminar

cuny course list

here is a list of courses that the smol prof has taught at cuny.


  • MUSC 7331X Sonic Arts Composition I

  • MUSC 7332X Sonic Arts Composition II

  • MUSC 7333X Sonic Arts Composition III

  • MUSC 7334X Sonic Arts Composition IV

  • MUSC 7375X Interactive Computer Music

  • MUSC 7379X Seminar in Audio Production

  • MUSC 7635X Special Topics in Sonic Arts

general course list

here is a list of other courses and lecture series that the smol prof has taught at miscellaneous institutions.



  • Performing with Ableton Live and Ableton Push

  • Producing Music in Ableton Live

  • Introduction to Digital Sound Design, Sound Editing, and Sound Art

  • Introduction to Electronic Performance

  • Production, Performance and Synthesis in Bitwig Studio



  • Music Creation in Ableton Live

  • Live Electronic Music Performance Design

  • Sound Design for Live Experiences

  • Non-Linear Compositional Strategies for Electronic Music

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