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more about me

the smol prof offers private instruction, online classes, and group workshops for learning a variety of music and technology topics. she is a bitwig certified trainer, ableton certified trainer, apple certified pro, and apple teacher.

she is a professor in higher education (hence her name "the smol prof") and is on faculty at institutions such as at berklee college of music and the city university of new york. she is also a teacher in k-12 and after-school programs, and has worked with ableton certified training centers like berklee online, 343 labs and beat drop for kids, youth, and adult community programming.

for more information about the smol prof's professional work, visit

for more information about the smol prof's artist project, dolltr!ck, visit

the smol prof has educational profiles with the likes of ableton, bitwig, berklee (boston), berklee NYC, berklee online, CUNY BC sonic arts, and more.

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